Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I cancel or change a tour?

There is no need to cancel or modify a previously requested tour.  If you would like to attend on a different date, simply re-register for the desired date.

Where do tours start?

All of the engineering tours start from the first-floor lobby of Engineering IV (Building 192) through the large glass doors at 10 minutes past the hour. Click here for a map.

When should I get to campus?

Please make sure to allow ample time to navigate through campus traffic, purchase a parking permit, and walk from your car to the tour.  Parking on campus fills up quickly, so prepare for a decent walk from your car. Traffic on campus is very congested 10 minutes before the hour and 10 minutes after the hour, especially in the morning and late afternoon.

Where do tours end?

Engineering Overview Tours end at Chumash Auditorium in the University Union (Building 65) a few minutes before the university campus tour begins. The ending point for department tours vary depending on the needs of the tour group.

What should I do if I am late for my tour?

Please contact the College of Engineering Dean's Office at 805-756-2131. Tours depart from the first-floor lobby of Engineering IV (Building 192) at 10 minutes past the hour of the scheduled tour.  From there, tours usually weave through Buildings 192, 41A, 41B, 13, through Dexter Lawn, through building 20, and terminate at Building 65, with timing varying for each tour.

Helpful Stastics and Data

Click here to find basic facts and accreditation information for the College of Engineering.

Click here to see department specific labs and coursework that students will cover during their time at Cal Poly.

Click here to visit the College of Engineering's Advising Center website.

Click here to find The Fact Book, an annual comprehensive publication of historical trend data on admissions, enrollment, degrees awarded, faculty/staff, and financial aid.

Click here for any additional data from Cal Poly's Institutional Research.

Where can I get a map of the campus?

A printable Cal Poly campus map is available here.

University-Wide Campus Tours

You can also register for a University-wide Campus Tour at Cal Poly Guided Tours. If you do not have a VIP page yet, the web site will instruct you to create a VIP page and you can register for a university campus tour after completing that step. Campus tours are offered by PolyReps.

Still have questions?

Contact the College of Engineering Dean's Office at (805) 756-2131.