College of Engineering Tours

Who are the Engineering Ambassadors?

The College of Engineering Ambassadors is a campus club made up of engineering students who volunteer their time to give tours of the College of Engineering. Student-led tours give prospective students and their parents an opportunity to see Cal Poly’s engineering program through a current student’s perspective. Each member of the club has gone through at least one quarter of training and has a broad knowledge of each of the thirteen majors in the college.

Scheduling a Tour

Are you a prospective student who is interested in engineering? A corporate representative on campus for recruiting? Or an alumnus visiting the campus? Whatever the reason, we are pleased to have you come visit us!

College of Engineering Overview and Department Tours are provided by the Engineering Ambassadors. Below is a brief description of what is covered for each type of tour and a link to register.

Engineering Overview Tours

An Engineering Overview Tour covers the field of engineering, the engineering majors offered at Cal Poly, and the similarities and differences of each major. Your tour guides will take you through many engineering labs, a key part of Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing” curriculum. Tours are designed to help high school and college transfer students learn about engineering and decide which engineering major is right for them. Tours last two hours and end at Chumash Auditorium in the University Union (Building 65) a few minutes before the university campus tour begins.

Engineering Department Tours

For students wanting to learn more about a particular major, department tours are an opportunity to visit more labs specific to that major and go more in depth about the curriculum and career opportunities for that major. Tour length ranges between one and two hours.  However, we highley recommend the engineering overview tours as they are designed to help high school and college transfer students decide which engineering major is right for them.

Register for a Department Tour!

School or Group Tours

School or tours for groups of 10 or more can be requested by special appointment only. Group tours are private overview tours tailored to the needs of your group, whether it is constrained time availability or a particular interest in select engineering majors. Typically, group tours are two hours long.  If you would like to schedule a group tour, please contact College of Engineering Ambassadors at with the following information:

  • your name
  • organization/company
  • phone
  • email address
  • number of people in your party
  • tour date and time preference (starting time and tour duration)
  • age profile of tour group (elementary, middle, high school, transfer students, etc.)
  • any particular area of interest within the college
  • any other relevant information to better tailor a tour for your group

Note: Tours are not available after 5pm, on weekends, or on academic holidays.