Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship Opportunities: The College of Engineering seeks to meet the interests and gifting priorities of supporting companies by tailoring corporate sponsorship agreements on an individual basis. In addition to a named laboratory or a sponsored applied research project, therefore, companies may choose numerous other ways to connect with CENG's engineering and computer science students and faculty. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Individual student scholarships can be targeted to specific majors and need areas.
  • Student club or club project sponsorship supports the kinds of hands-on project activities that enrich the learning curve of Cal Poly students. Because of its heavy emphasis on dozens of co-curricular activities and student professional organizations such as IEEE, ASME, SME, Cal Poly Space Systems Club, ASCE, and many others, the College of Engineering sees club sponsorship as an important aspect of its partnership with industry.
  • Faculty development funds help the college provide competitive opportunities to attract and retain the best faculty talent available while also creating on-campus corporate liaison opportunities.
  • Course or course project sponsorships allow companies to target resources to specific discipline areas and students majoring in fields directly applicable to corporate interests.
  • Program sponsorship targets specific departments, majors, or particular programs within majors that impact corporate operations.
  • Consortia, institute, or center membership enables companies to leverage their support for a particular project or professional interest area with other groups and corporations. Two current consortia established in the college include the Electric Power Institute in the Electrical Engineering Department and the Manufacturing Consortium in the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department.

Funding Options: Companies may provide a short-term sponsorship or establish an on-going partnership.

  • Year-by-year gifts or one-time project sponsorship allows companies to direct support to corporate priorities during a specific academic year.
  • Endowments can be established in amounts as small as $10,000. This funding vehicle has the advantage of providing stable financial support in the long-term, continuous growth, continuity, and an on-going campus presence for the gifting company.

For more information contact the College Advancement Team.