Cal Poly Engineering Announces Outstanding Graduates

June 04, 2009

Contact: Amy Hewes
College of Engineering

Cal Poly Engineering Dean Mohammad Noori announced the recipients of the 2009 Outstanding Graduates Awards and the recipient of the Wingate Foundation HVAC&R Award.

Mechanical engineering senior Adam Loeffler from Citrus Heights received the $3,000 Wingate Award as the outstanding student in Cal Poly's Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Program.

Top academic achievers were determined by grade point averages. In addition, engineering departments named honorees for contributions to the College of Engineering, contributions to Cal Poly, and service to the community. College-wide winners from each category received special recognition, including $200 bonds from Lockheed Martin.

Outstanding Graduating Seniors for Academic Excellence include the following:

  • Thomas Sartorius (Aerospace Engineering) from San Luis Obispo
  • Mallory Embree (Biomedical Engineering) from Irvine
  • Torrey Dickinson (Civil Engineering) from Buena Park
  • Ryan Morton (Computer Engineering) from San Luis Obispo
  • Jeffrey Dewan (Computer Science) from Newark
  • Margaret Burgoon (Electrical Engineering) from Campbell
  • Joshua Shiffrin (Environmental Engineering) from Union City
  • Ronald Sloat (General Engineering) from Santa Rosa
  • Erica Janoff (Industrial Engineering) from Los Gatos
  • Adam Wegener (Manufacturing Engineering) from Sunnyvale
  • Christine Carpenter (Materials Engineering) from San Luis Obispo
  • Anthony Gurrola (Mechanical Engineering) from Fillmore
  • Ravinder Gill (Software Engineering) from Olivehurst

Anthony Gurrola was recognized as the College of Engineering's topmost senior for academic excellence. With a 3.96 GPA, he has made Dean's List for 12 quarters and has been named to the President's Academic Honors List. In addition, he ranks among the top 2% of Hispanic students as a National Hispanic Scholar.

In recognition of participation in activities that further the objectives and public image of the college, departments have named the following students Outstanding Graduating Seniors for Contributions to the College of Engineering:

  • Katie Robinson (Biomedical Engineering) from San Jose                     
  • Landon Kern (Civil Engineering) from San Bernardino                        
  • Brian R. Smith (Computer Engineering) from San Luis Obispo                       
  • Andrew N. Tsui (Computer Science) from Covina
  • Joel D. Hanson (Electrical Engineering) from Concord                        
  • Ryan Clarke Dominguez (Environmental Engineering) from Loomis   
  • Rex Tyler Ehman (General Engineering) from El Cajon                                   
  • Adam S. Wegener (Manufacturing Engineering) from Sunnyvale                   
  • Reymundo Ortiz (Materials Engineering) from San Luis Obispo                                  
  • Trevor J. Brangham (Mechanical Engineering) from Camarillo             
  • Keian D. Christopher (Software Engineering) from Visalia

The college-wide Outstanding Graduating Senior for Contributions to the College of Engineering is Joel Hanson, former chair of the Engineering Student Council and Director of the National Association of Engineering Student Councils Conference, which brought over 40 schools and 300 delegates from across the country to Cal Poly.

Departments have named the following Outstanding Graduating Seniors in the category of Contributions to the University:

  • Josef Salvador Sanchez (Aerospace Engineering) from Bonita             
  • Mallory Embree (Biomedical Engineering) from Irvine           
  • Nicole Stromsness (Civil Engineering) from San Luis Obispo              
  • Ryan Morton (Computer Engineering) from San Luis Obispo              
  • Brett N. Bojduj (Computer Science) from Pismo Beach                       
  • Jessica L. Kiefer (Electrical Engineering) from Mission Viejo              
  • Joshua Shiffrin (Environmental Engineering) from Union City            
  • Ericka Wagner (General Engineering) from Hampton, IA                
  • Erica Janoff (Industrial Engineering) from Los Gatos              
  • Christine F. Carpenter (Materials Engineering) from San Luis Obispo             
  • Amber D. Iraeta (Mechanical Engineering) from Livermore                            
  • Robert R. Peterson (Manufacturing Engineering) from San Luis Obispo                     

The college-wide Outstanding Graduating Senior for Contributions to the University is Nicole Stromsness, who as chair of the University Union Advisory Board was instrumental in the upcoming renovation of the UU Plaza, redesign of the second floor of the UU, and the $72 million Rec Center Expansion fee initiative campaign.

Students recognized for service to the community include:

  • Joshua-Jed D. Fadriquela (Biomedical Engineering) from Sylmar
  • Kaitlin Rathe (Civil Engineering) from Placerville                                                                                   
  • Erik Brockman (Computer Engineering) from San Luis Obispo    
  • Lauren Tsung (Computer Science) from Fremont                        
  • Justin Rucker (Electrical Engineering) from Santa Maria                         
  • Stephen C. Barr (Environmental Engineering) from Poway                     
  • Karen Keese (General Engineering) from Hawthorne      
  • Chad N. Worth (Industrial Engineering) from San Luis Obispo                           
  • Matthew Graves (Manufacturing Engineering) from Templeton              
  • Matthew Goebel (Materials Engineering) from Fairfax                            
  • Joshua D. Roth (Mechanical Engineering) from Livermore                     

Justin Rucker was named the college-wide Outstanding Senior for Community Service in acknowledgement of his exemplary record of mentoring activities, including work as a men's group leader. Rucker has also volunteered for the National Society of Black Engineers, serving as regional secretary for 13 states and providing outreach to high school students. 

Bryan Morrisey from San Luis Obispo was named as the top master's program graduate for the College of Engineering. His aerospace engineering thesis investigated a novel configuration for a High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Multidisciplinary Design Optimization techniques.

The student awards were presented at the College of Engineering Annual Donor Appreciation and Student Awards Banquet held June 4, 2009 on the Cal Poly campus.