Our Greatest Needs: The Challenges of Leading-Edge Engineering Education

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To safeguard "learn by doing" and to keep pace with new innovations and constant change in the technological fields, we must leverage private support.

  • Lab-based/project-based education is expensive
    • We need support to ensure labs remain at the forefront of technology
    • We rely on industry for financial and equipment donations to ensure the students they hire are prepared for the workforce
  • Enrollment in engineering in technology is declining
    • We need scholarships to attract the best students
    • Underrepresented students need financial support to ensure their success
  • Faculty need to be kept abreast of the latest technologies
    • Professional development support and release time ensure faculty are leading the educational mission
    • Industry/ project collaboration is critical for student success
  • Attracting the best faculty is costly
    • Professorships and endowed chairs ensure financial flexibility to bring the best to Cal Poly

Support Engineering Education

In order to meet the challenges of the future, we must provide the tools to achieve excellence, including the following.

  • Laboratory Endowments: We must provide state-of-the-art facilities conducive to learning and supportive of innovation and "real world" engineering projects.
  • Gifts of Equipment and Technology: Access to cutting-edge equipment prepares students for immediate productivity after graduation, while also expanding possibilities for innovative projects and collaboration with industry.
  • Endowments for Curriculum Excellence: To ensure that our students are prepared to address the challenges of a growing world with shrinking resources, we must keep abreast of technological issues and specializations. Private support ensures that Cal Poly's engineering curriculum reflects new directions in industry.
  • Scholarships/Endowed Professorships: Endowed professorships help attract and retain outstanding faculty. And we can continue to attract top-notch students by offering applied research project sponsorships and establishing endowments for student scholarships.

You Can Make a Lasting Difference

To learn what Cal Poly needs and how you can help, contact our Advancement Office.