Cal Poly Unveils 2018 Rose Float Design

Cal Poly's newly unveiled 2018 Rose Float design is awhir with baby animals flying prop planes from the deck of a float titled, "Dreams Take Flight." Fifth-year mechanical engineering major Ali Harake, president of the SLO campus Rose Float Committee especially likes to point out that the baby koala, red panda and sea otter are “animals you’d typically not see together,” reflecting the diversity of the 61-member Rose Float Committee in terms of both majors and backgrounds. “We’re one of the most diverse teams on our campus,” he said. As is tradition, the float will be completely designed and constructed by students from Cal Poly and their counterparts at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. Last year, the Cal Poly universities’ colorful float of animated chameleons, called “A New Leaf,” received the Founders’ Trophy. Read the full story in The Tribune.