Research Interests

3D Printing Adaptive Control Advance Cutting Tools
Advanced Analysis Techniques for Long-Span Bridges Advanced Manufacturing Advance Materials
Advance Product Development/Materials Aerodynamic Design Aerodynamics
Aerospace Physiology Aerothermodynamics Agile Methods
Aircraft Design Aircraft Energy Efficiency Air Transportation
Algae mass Culture Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits Analog Circuits & Systems
Angiogenesis Antennas Applications of Autonomous Flight
Applied Cryptography Applied Heat Transfer Applied Plasma Physics
Appropriate Technologies Arteriogenesis Arteriogenesis
Artificial Intelligence Asset Tracking Astrodynamics
Automatic Target Recognition & Tracking Automotive Electronics Automotive Security
Autonomous Outdoor and Underwater Navigation Autonomous Tactical Reconnaissance Platform Autonomous Vehicles
Big Data Big Data for Transportation Bio-Based Functional Materials
Bio-Char Biodegration of Hazardous Wastes Bio-Derived Alternative Building Materials
Bio-Engineering Bioenvironmental Engineering Biomarker Detection Technologies
Biomaterials Biomechanics Biomedical Devices
Biomedical imaging Bioreactor design Bioremediation
Biotransport Phenomena Bone Mechanics Buckling Behavior of Steel Structure
Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine C/C++ Development Circuits
Clock Distribution/Clock Signal Integrity Code Generation Combustion
Combustion and Pollution Emissions Communications Compilers
Composite Materials Composite Materials for Structural Applications Composites
Composite Structures Computational Electromagnetics Computational Fabrication
Computational Fluid Dynamics Computational Mathematics Computational Science Education
Computational Solid Mechanics Computer Applications in Structures Computer Architecture
Computer Arithmetic Computer Engineering Computer Graphics
Computer Networks Computer Science Pedagogy Computer Vision
Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Constitutive Theory Constitutive Theory and Modeling
Continuum Mechanics Controls Control Systems
Creativity and Innovation in Design CubeSat Development Cybersecurity
Data Analysis and Mining Data Compression DC-DC Converters
Degradation of Biomedical Materials Design Design Methods
Design of learning experiences Design Patterns/Protocols/Algorithms Diamond-like Carbon Coatings
Digital Image Processing Digital Logic Digital Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing System Development Digital System Design Distributed Systems
Drag Reduction Drilling Dynamic & Scripting Languages
Dynamic Systems Earthquake Analysis and Design Earthquake Engineering
Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures Effects of aging, exercise, disease Electric Machinery
Electrokinetics Electronic and Photonic Materials & Devices Electronics & Micro-Electronics
Electronics Packaging Electronics to Drive Displays Electron Image Sensors & Systems
Embedded Systems Empirical Software Engineering Energy
Energy Efficient Computing Energy harvesting from Exercise Machines Energy Scavenging for Electronic Prosthetics
Energy Storage Engineering Education Engineering Seismology
Enhanced Oil Recovery Environmental Engineering Design Environmental Sensor Networks
Experimental and Numerical Aerodynamics Experimental Fluid Mechanics Experimental Mechanics
Explicit Finite Elements Expressive Technologies Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis of Materials Fatigue and Wear Fiber Optical Communication
Fiber Optic Communications Field and Laboratory Testing Finite Element Analysis
Fire Protection Engineering Flight Mechanics and Stimulation Flow Control
Fluid Dynamics Fluid Mechanics Fluid Power
Flying Robotics Forest Restoration Forging Technology
Formal Methods Fracture and Fatigue Fracture of Materials
Freshman Engineering Education Friction Stir Processing Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering
Game Design GEO Debris Measurement and Characterization Geoenvironmental Engineering
Geometric Modeling Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Global Game Jam Golf Mechanics Guidance and Control
Handling Qualities of Aircraft HCI Heat Transfer
Higher Performance Concrete High Performance Computing High Speed Aerodynamics
High Speed Data Access for Underserved Rural Markets Human Computer Interaction Humanitarian Engineering
HVAC Hydraulics Image and Signal Processing
Image Processing Improving Air Quality on Commercial and Residential Buildings Indoor Air Pollution
Information Processing Innovation & Entrepreneurship Innovations in Engineering Education
Instrumentations Integrated Circuit Design Integrating Design into the Curriculum
Intelligent Transportation Systems Interactive Entertainment & Systems Internal Combustion Engines
Ischemic Disease Knowledge-Based Systems Labview Module Development
Laser-Based Ranging Sensors Lead-free Soldering and Reliability Life Cycle Assessment Development
Long Term Ecological Monitoring Low-Cost Space System Development Low Power Design
Machine Design Management of XML Data Manufacturing Information System
Manufacturing Quality and Reliability Manufacturing Techniques Manufacturing Technologies
Materials Materials Characterization Material Selection for the Life Cycle
Materials, Thermal Management, Reliability of Electronic Packaging Mathematical Model of the Electrical Behavior of Neurological Systems Mechanical Behavior & Properties of Materials
Mechanical Vibration Mechanics Mechatronics
Medical Device Design Medical Imaging Metabolic Manipulation
Microbially influenced corrosion Microcirculation Microelectro Mechanical Devices
Microfluidics Micro Propulsion for CubeSats Micro Systems Technology
Modeling and Simulation for Systems Engineering Modified Asphalt Mixes Modular Robots
Multiphase Flows Multi-Robot Systems Nanomaterials
Natural Language Processing Networking Networks
Neural-Electronics Neuromusculoskeletal Biomechanics Nickel Titanium Shape Memore Alloys
Nondestructive Evaluation and Inspection Nonlinear Structural Dynamics Numerical Analysis
Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow in Pipes Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Systems Object-Oriented Systems
Online Educational Resources (OER) Open Channel Hydraulics Operating Systems
Optical biopsy Optimal Configuration Definition Optimization
Optimization of Bioreactor Configuration Optimum Design Optoelectronic Device Research
Orthopedic Biomechanics Outreach to pre-college audiences Parallel Computing
Parallel Systems Pavement Materials Performance of Waste Containment Facilities
Photonic Device Testing and Simulation Physical Properties of Orbiting Objects Plasma Propulsion
Polymer and Solid-State Electronics Ponds & Constructed Wetlands Power Converters
Power Electronics Power Quality Power Quality, Electrical Machines
Power System Protection Power Systems Power System Simulation
Predicting and Reducing Exposure to Airborne Particles Probabilistic Mechanics Process Analysis & Simulation
Programming Environments Programming Languages Project Based Learning
Propulsion Prototype Vehicle Design Public Transportation
Radio frequency/microwave design Random Vibrations of Nonlinear and Hytertic Systems Reconfigurable Computing
Reinforced Concrete Design Reliability of Microelectronics Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases
Remote Sensing & Radar Requirements Engineering Reservoir Engineering
Robotic and Sensory Systems Robotics Rotor Dynamics
Scientific Visualization Secondary Payload Launch Secure Systems
Sediment Transport Seismic Design of Steel Structures Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Steel Bridges and Buildings
Seismic Isolation of Secondary Systems Semantic Computing Small Satellites
Software Architecture Software Engineering Software Ethics
Software Project Management Software Safety Soil Mechanics
Soil Stabilization Solar Photovoltaic Systems Solid Mechanics Fracture Mechanics
Solid Waste Management Space Systems & Controls Spectroscopy
Statistical Modeling Stent Development Strengthening and Retrofit of Bridges
Stress Analysis Structural Analysis Structural Analysis and Computer Application
Structural Dynamics Structural Systems Sustainability
Sustainable Computing Sustainable Energy Sustainable Mobility
Sustainable/Renewable Energy Generation System Dynamics Systems Engineering
Systems Integration Engineering Systems Simulation Team Based Learning
Technical Debt Technology Law Technology Management
Test and Measurement Techniques for High Speed Digital Communications Theoretical Mechanics Theory of Computing
Thermal Engineering Thermal Fluid Systems Thermal Management
Thermodynamics Tissue engineered "blood vessel mimics" Toxic Metal Pollutants
Traffic Control Systems Traffic Simulation Transportation Engineering
Turbomachinery Uncertain Reasoning in AI and Logic Programming Uncertain Reasoning in Databases
Underwater Communication Unmanned Autonomous Aircraft Usability
Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) Design Vibrations
Wastewater Reclamation Water and Wastewater Treatment Water Quality
Water Resources Engineering Water Resources Systems Analysis Web Application Design and Development
Web Applications Web Development Welding
Welding and joining technologies Wind Energy Wind Energy Generation
Wireless Networks Wood and Masonry Structures