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Esha Joshi (B.S., Software Engineering, 2016)

March 28, 2017

Esha Joshi (Software Engineering ’16) facilitates a Girls Who Code club in Sunnyvale, Calif., where she teaches programming to low income middle school female students. She also mentors students from a non-profit school in East San Jose for children at risk.

Kyle Koon (B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2016)

March 8, 2017

Kyle Koon has been hired by Metrix Engineers, an engineering consulting firm based out of Renton, Wash. . 

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Kate McMahon (B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2016)

October 10, 2016

Kate McMahon has been hired as an estimator for Sundt Construction Inc. in San Jose, Calif. McMahon will be responsible for assisting bidding efforts and providing administrative support for the rest of the team.

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Josh Terrell (B.S., Software Engineering, 2016)

May 11, 2017

A study comparing acceptance rates of contributions from men and women in an open-source software community finds that, overall, women's contributions tend to be accepted more often than men's - but when a woman's gender is identifiable, they are rejected more often. "There are a number of questions and concerns related to gender bias in computer programming, but this project was focused on one specific research question: To what extent does gender bias exist when pull requests are judged on GitHub?" says Emerson Murphy-Hill, corresponding author of a paper on the study and an associate professor of computer science at North Carolina State University… The paper, "Gender Differences and Bias in Open Source: Pull Request Acceptance of Women Versus Men," is published in the open-access journal PeerJ Computer Science. The paper was co-authored by Josh Terrell, a former undergraduate at Cal Poly.

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Matthew Erich (B.S., Materials Engineering, 2015)

March 28, 2017

Matt Erich (Materials Engineering ’15) works in research and development at Abbott Laboratories Medical. He founded Crosslink Labs to bring free 3D printing to educational organizations, local schools, and non-profits. He has designed and printed medical models, retractable prosthetic hands for children and affordable prototypes for aspiring innovators.

Wyatt Nelson (B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2015)

March 28, 2017

Wyatt Nelson (Aerospace Engineering, ’15) is CEO and founder of Higea Technologies, a company dedicated to developing a safer, cleaner, more effective method for cleaning up oil spills.

Doug Howe (B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2014)

March 24, 2017

As a member of the Science Support Department at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, I support a variety of physical and astrophysical research projects. I assist National Science Foundation grantees in the installation and testing of new experiments in addition to carrying out research protocols of existing, long term projects. I use my background in instrumentation engineering to maintain and troubleshoot a wide variety of instrumentation including magnetometers, spectrophotometers, and radar equipment. Additionally I work to fuel/defuel LC-130 aircraft, assist in maintaining the station’s cryogen facility, and work as a member of the fire brigade.

I work for Lockheed Martin / Leidos as part of the Antarctic Support Contract to the National Science Foundation’s United States Antarctic Program. I’m approximately half way through a 13-month deployment to the South Pole. The majority of the population recently left the station at the end of the austral summer. The sun is now about to set as we begin the winter season.

Cody Hunter (B.S., Computer Engineering, 2014)

August 19, 2014

Cody Hunter, who graduated magna cum laude, is making a new home in Seattle where he's working for Zillow, the online real estate database company.

Rory Aronson (B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2013)

March 17, 2014

FarmBots are open-source, scalable, automated precision farming machines.
Rory Aronson has received a $123,000 grant  to work on his open-source, scalable automated precision farming machine called FarmBot. "It's like a giant 3D printer, but instead of wielding a plastic extruder, its tools are seed injectors, watering nozzles, plows, sensors and more," said Aronson. The grant, awarded by the South Africa-based Shuttleworth Foundation, includes a one-year salary and $50,000 for project development.  Previously the shop manager for SLO MakerSpace in San Luis Obispo, Calif., Aronson began full-time work on FarmBot on March 1. But he remains involved with the community-operated makerspace facility for tinkerers and innovators. "I'm retaining my seat on the board of directors, teaching classes,and renting one of the co-working spaces for myself and FarmBot -- essentially, I will be running the FarmBot project out of the SLO MakerSpace," he said.

Rex Blodgett Jr. (B.S., Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, 2013)

July 13, 2016

The June 17 wedding of Rex Blodgett Jr. and  Moriah Tenney, also a Cal Poly graduate, was recently announced. Rex is employed in reporting and analytics at Workday in Pleasanton, Calif. , and Moriah teaches fourth grade at Montclaire Elementary School in Los Altos, Calif. The couple have made their home in San Carlos, Calif.

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